Heritage Isle Press (HIP) is a graphic design studio founded in 2012 by designer and artist Virginia Hobin. HIP evolved from Virginia’s desire to create a design company that would allow her to touch each client individually and make a lasting impression through custom design. Virginia’s passion is creating for clients a family legacy by telling their unique story through her designs. This starts with respecting family traditions and appreciating joyous events while capturing the present for enjoyment in the future. 

Virginia’s preferred way of expressing herself has always been through art. Schooled in the arts from a young age, she learned many mediums that have given her a unique and eclectic style. Pencil trails, paint strokes and marker stipple soon evolved into computer keys and printer scanning, after taking numerous classes in computer and graphic design.

After graduating from college in upstate New York, she spent several years designing apparel for fashion houses in both New York and San Francisco, before settling in Boston, MA.